When the wind blows free, let this protect you from fashion gusts July 27, 2009 13:27


Oh, sure. It's sweltering outside. At the moment. And the last thing, the very last thing you want to think about right now is a cape. Or any kind of coverup. Unless it has an SPF of 20 or more. But soon, the wind will blow brisk. And you will need protection. And is there anything better than this cape? The collar oozes attitude. So dashing, so sassy turned up just so. A perfect foil for your eyes. Absolutely.

Think how comfortable this cape will be. It's full. Roomy. No need to fret about pulling your dress sleeve down inside the coat sleeve. Egads. That can be so cumbersome. You know it.

Ahhh, yes. Vogue 8416, circa 1970s, fits the bill for winter fashion. It does. And it's very easy. Look. Right there on the envelope. Very easy, Vogue brags. And we know they wouldn't lie.