Shall we dance? Absolutely. Right now. This minute. August 14, 2009 10:10 1 Comment

Mccall_4735_40s_ballgown So. Your job has been outsourced. Your health insurance canceled. The lettuce you were going to serve for dinner is slimy and limp.


This is no time to wallow in the doldrums, to experience every shade of blue. No, you must fight. You must not give in. You must dance. You must. Put up your dukes. Slip on your dance shoes.

And is there a better dress than McCall 4735, copyright 1942, to wear as you glide across the floor? I think not. It is the most. Absolutely. From  the sweetheart dip at the decolletage to the bodice that caresses your hips and midriff to the irresistible lines of the full skirt, which will flare enticingly as you swirl to Waltz 2 from the Shostakovich Jazz Suite.

Take that, melancholy. You can't survive the dance floor. And you certainly cannot defeat this dress. Don't even try. Don't even.