Frosting and a cushy job with benefits would make life better October 3, 2009 08:39

Friday afternoon. Wild Iris. His Bertness. A cupcake. Fresh strawberries. Coffee. And my Pilates instructor, the kind and Wild_iris_bertness generous Suzanne. Suzanne donates time each week to teach a class for MS sufferers at the Prescott YMCA. (Yes. It's true. The Little Town of Horrors does have a few benefits, and Suzanne Fisher is definitely one of them.) The class is free. Totally. Completely. Absolutely. And Suzanne is a skilled teacher who gently encourages her students to be technically perfect.

Suzanne's class proved to be serendipitous. I had just impinged my rotator cuff and was forced to take a break from my beloved yoga when I found out about the Pilates_prescott  class. I was apprehensive. Quite. Because my previous Pilates experience at the Y had, to say the very least, not been good. It had not even been Pilates. At least not Pilates as I had experienced it in Houston sessions with a Michele Larrson acolyte years ago. (Oh. My. This is excruciatingly boring, isn't it? I am giving you, my adored readers, too much info. Way too. I apologize to you both. Profusely.)

So. The bottom line is, the point of this post is that Suzanne just opened her own Pilates studio here. Pilates in Balance. So, if you find yourself here, in Prescott, AZ, and find yourself in need of Pilates training, give her a call. You will not be disappointed. She knows what she is doing.

And I will share this funny moment from yesterday as well: Fatigue is a symptom I suffer. It is sometimes extreme. Completely. I was so exhausted that I had to recline on the bed to put on my makeup. With a little Stila compact mirror. I imagine one eyebrow was higher than the other. Oh. Well. Sunset Boulevard is one of my favorite movies.