Inspirations: The perfect dress for the perfect seduction November 16, 2009 16:46 2 Comments

Don_draper_rumba_dress It is late at the adult center. Very. The DJ has played horrid music all night. Music he regards, you are quite sure, as youthful. Imma Be is not a rumba. I Kissed A Girl is not a waltz. The DJ is old enough to know better. He is darn close to tumbling out the other side of middle age. He will not see 50 again. Heck, you'd wager your favorite Walter Kerns that 55 has come and gone for him. You won't see 35 again. You won't. And you are one of the youngest people in this ballroom. 

Sigh. Heavy sigh. Long sigh, dramatically drawn out. Susan Hayward is, after all, your role model.

Fantasy time-out. You are wearing McCall 3440, copyright 1955. The 4-ply silk crepe caresses your skin. The hydrangea pink flatters your softly fading tan. You feel wonderful. You feel irresistible. You feel like you are going to live forever and enjoy each and every moment.

A finger flicks your shoulder. A voice murmurs in your ear, May I have this dance? Your reverie interrupted. Suddenly. Drat. You are annoyed. Oh so. But then, the notes of Noche De Ronda, your favorite rumba, begin. Spanish guitar. You cannot say no. You want to dance. You must dance. You put your hand in your partner's. Rise to your feet. Only then do you lift your eyes. Only then do you realize your partner is Don Draper. None other. Calm. Solid. Handsome. But is he a polished dancer? Mmmmmm. It's your fantasy. You decide.