The Little Town of Horrors: An update December 16, 2009 04:23 2 Comments

Sun Light. Bright. Isn't that what this blog should be about? Isn't that what I should be? Always looking on the bright side, choosing the sunny side of the street, brightening the days of those I see with a smile, a regular Emilie Loring heroine. Oh. Oh. Oh. If only that were so.

I am here to tell you it is not. There are days, like today, when I feel like crying. When I feel like being a nagging spousal unit. Yesterday, His Bertness went officially eight months — EIGHT! – without a job. And the Great Recession has more than nipped The Blue Gardenia's sales. (See, dear readers, I respect you. I won't disrespect you by pretending sales are soaring like a maiden's skirt on a windy day. No pretense. Nada.)

I understand, though, that counting my blessings will help restore equilibrium to my mood. Here goes (and I won't bore you with all of them — I'm going to keep a few blessings private): 

We have health insurance. Yippee skippee. Not because of government intervention. I am here to tell you our letters to both our Democratic representative and our Republican senators yielded no fruit. But. Hubby's persistence did result in the restoration of our COBRA benefits. (Although we did have to pay for the months we were uninsured as well. That was a chunk plus. Practically a trunk of money, even with Obama's stimulus benefit.)

We have family support, and that is invaluable, financially and emotionally. 

I have a wonderful Pilates instructor, who donates time to those with MS. Suzanne Fisher, you are a peach.

So. There ya go. Just a few. I'm feeling better already. Although I still want to blow this pop stand. The sooner, the better. As someone once said. Absolutely.