Adjust Spanx. Arrange skirt. Step out of limo. Say cheese. January 17, 2010 17:07 5 Comments

Yawn. I'm sleepy. Oh so. But I will fight to keep my eyelids up for you, my dear readers. Yes, all five of you. You are so powerful. Magnetized. Really.

Yes. I did watch the Golden Globes tonight. For the clothes, of course. And, of course, I will share my thoughts on a few gowns. (Since I haven't seen most of the movies — must wait for the DVDs since I'm reclusive — I don't have opinions about whether the awards will be sitting on the mantles of the most deserving. Although I will say, Jeff Bridges is always the right choice.) 

So. Without further ado — House Hunters is on in ten minutes — my favorites:


Penelope Cruz proves you cannot go wrong with Armani. And lace. And black. And needless to say, it helps if you have her face. And figure.


Do I see lace again? I do. Peeking out from Marion Cotillard's delectable peacock Dior. Very film noir chanteuse. Very. (And didn't you think she was the most as Piaf?)

Golden_globe_roberts I am not a Julia Roberts fan. (I know. I know. It's not the popular choice.) But I love this vintage YSL. Yes indeedy. I want the shoes. I want the dress. I do. But Julia can keep the split ends. I have my own, thank you. (Is she referencing Madonna with that hairstyle? Or do they just share a hair stylist?

Golden_globe_mariah Where was the remote when I needed it? I am blushing at Mariah's display. Positively. Cover yourself up, girl. Please. Yes, your skin is a gorgeous color. But. We don't need to see so much of it. Trust me. We don't.

OK. That's it. Enough sharing. I've now missed House Hunters. Sigh. Heavy sigh. What if His Bertness gets a job in Atlanta? What will I do? Yes, I know. Sweat. Heavier sigh. And now, I am off to bed with Dinah and Brook rockin' my soul on the stereo. Sweet dreams.