Blue velvet. Chiffon the color of dried mangos. It's SAG fashion. January 24, 2010 11:46 2 Comments

I confess: I was eager to return to my novel last night, dear readers. So eager, in fact, that I chose to delay sharing my thoughts on the Screen Actors Guild award show fashion. You were unable to get to sleep, repeatedly hitting the refresh key on  your computer, sure that I would post any minute. I'm right, am I not? I am. And if not, please, allow me my delusions.

Anyway, assuming that old saying is true, here you go.

Favorite dress: The simple, elegant Narciso Rodriguez gown chosen by Julianna Margulies. Love the lines. Love the velvet. I'd wear it. And I'd be one happy and glamorous woman.

SAG_Hudson_Pucci Runners-up: The sexy Emilio Pucci that plunges to there on Kate Hudson. Very fetching. Very sophisticated. I could do without the glittering inset. I could. I say, let the lines speak for themselves. Still, this dress is fabulous. However, in this little blogger's book, Julie Christie's gown in Shampoo is still the rear revealing gown to beat.


Diane Kruger's gown does it all and more. Jason Wu's creation definitely has retro allure. So very Ava. And so very bold of Kruger to choose that dried mango color. So very brave to pair it with red lipstick. But. It works. And how. (You remember that Wu designed Michelle Obama's inaugural ballgown.)

And then there's this kindergarten class project worn by Marion Cotillard. It's not a runner-up. No no no. It's first place in the nightmare category. As in, one you really want to wake from. Egads. What can I say except keep the kids away from the paste, beads and feathers. And if you don't, please don't share the results with the world. The shoes are clunkers, too. Blame the dress on Elie Saab. Cotillard looked perfect at the Golden Globes. Oh, well. 

So. Better late than never? Do say it's so.