Is it time to release your inner Jean Harlow? It is indeed. January 31, 2010 08:19 4 Comments

30s_slinky_pajama_pattern You've looked high. You've looked low. Neiman Marcus. Saks. That sweet little boutique around the corner. You've done it all. You've practically worn a hole in the soles of your red leather Evins pumps. Still, other than a box of pralines and a loaf of French sourdough, you are empty-handed. (Well, you deserve a treat after all this walking, all this frustration, don't you? Yes. Of course you do. Bread and butter, then pralines for dessert. Yum.)

Wait. An idea. Why not make something? After all, you do know how to sew. Well, you did. Once. Your momma taught you way back when. It's like riding a bike, isn't it? Isn't it? You have Aunt Nedra's machine. Somewhere. Probably in the back of the guest room closet. Yes. That's where it is. You have a vague memory of stuffing it there, along with a box of her quilting supplies.

And this is one of those occasions. Worth the extra effort. Important. A party. Yes, you hate them. But it's for him. And you'll be meeting his friends. And since you're socially inept — no need to lie to yourself about your flaws — you want to look good. Great. Over the moon. Look good, keep your mouth shut, stifle that tendency to talk too much when you're nervous.

Simplicity 1971 — circa the 1930s, your favorite fashion era — is perfect. It will be slinky, sexy, yet comfortable. The style will show off your shoulders and your back. Add your bakelite bangles, and you will stun. Absolutely. But you won't look like you're trying too hard.

Yes. This is the one. It is. You'll find it at The Blue Gardenia.

Is he the one? Mmmmm. Probably not. But he does get your motor running. For now.