Asian skirt's almost done. Shall I sew a Betty Draper top next? May 6, 2010 18:38

1960s_mad_men_pattern A quick-and-easy post tonight, boys and girls, about a quick-and-easy pattern. Or at least a pattern that promises it is simple to make. And we know that no pattern comany would lie. They wouldn't. Know why? Because that would be quite a mean trick  to play on beginning seamstresses like myself. A trick that might make us run from our sewing machines in frustration, straight into the cool and comforting arms of our fridges, and then right to the racks of ready-to-wear garments at the mall. After, of course, a consoling high calorie treat. Or two.

As you know, I am almost finished with my skirt. I have only to hem it. So, after hours of searching The Blue Gardenia's endless archives, I found this classy number, Simplicity 3916. Very Laura Petrie. Very Betty Draper. And, of course, simple to make. That, perhaps, is what I found most alluring. Most.

Now, if you want to make the blouse along with me, this pattern is available at  The Blue Gardenia.

The details, in case you want to know – and of course you do  – are thus:  Skirt, Blouse, Midriff Top and Shorts Bust 36 Complete $22.

So, rush on over, snap this up, and together we'll stitch, stitch, stitch. I'm thinking linen for mine. Maybe red. Or maybe aqua cotton. That would look scrumptious with the Asian skirt. Mmmmm . . . decisions. I'll feature the lucky purchaser's version and mine in the blog. Wonder who'll finish their blouse first? Could it be me? Well. Miracles do happen. Or so I've heard.