Meet the fashion icon of my youth: My mother. May 9, 2010 18:46 2 Comments


And now please forgive me for taking a moment or two or three from the regularly scheduled programming to honor my mother. In the picture, above, from the late 1950s, note the chic bolero. Yes. I believe those are flowers in her hair. She's flanked by my dad and grandfather.

This is a favorite of mine because of the glamorous hair. It always reminds me of that saying " the higher the hair, the closer to God." My mother made many of her clothes, but this was an off-the-rack purchase.

In a stylish swing coat with Frosty.

Eating! A favorite pastime for us both. My mother did make this green dress. Butterick pattern, as I recall. All of her sisters had the same dress. Note the  glamorous hair. Always.

At my Aunt Kathleen's wedding.  
Do females still wear elegant corsages?