Simplicity Slenderette 4181: Look smashing while you recuperate May 16, 2010 15:19

1950s_slenderette_pattern Darn. Your arm is in a sling. You just want to stay in bed. You just want to eat Terra Nostra Satin Milk Truffle Bars and read Lawrence Block novels. You just want to hibernate until you have completely recuperated. But. Alas. That is not an option. There are things to do. Places to go. Grants to write. Friends to meet for coffee. So. What to wear? What? What will be comfortable with the sling but yet look good? What will be easy to maneuver — ahhhhemmm, how to put this in a delicate, ladylike fashion that will not make you, dear readers, blush — on those oh-so-unavoidable trips to the women's room? Not pants. No way. But a skirt. Not too full. Not too slim. Simplicity 4181. Yes. This is the perfect choice. Absolutely. And it will be quite fetching as well when you have mended.

And it is available — yes, indeedy — at The Blue Gardenia. The details: Bust 41, complete, and yours for a mere $33. Don't delay. I beg you.