The perfect dress for coffee with friends. June 2, 2010 09:48 3 Comments

1950s_dress_for_coffeeThere was a time when I dressed for work each day. I donned a sharp suit,  a smart dress, cloying pantyhose and sassy 4-inch heels, and I went to the office. No longer. I work at home now. And I live in a very casual town, a town where onlookers do not frown at me if I wear my yoga clothes (bless you, Lycra) to Costco.

But I have aspirations, aspirations to look stylish once more. I do. So. So. Heavy sigh. I also don't want to buy clothes made in China or Taiwan. I'm old enough to remember those "Look for the union label" commercials". They left a mark on this formerly impressionable kid. They did.

But, to be frank — and you know I generally am —  my budget (heavy, drawn out sigh) does not allow clothes made in the USA, assuming my local Dillard's even stocked them. (And, alas, a recent research trip there did not reveal a single garment made here in the good ole US of A.) So. What's a woman to do? 

Well. Learn to sew. Of course. (And I promise I will entwine both of these narratives. Eventually. Really.) We all know, dear readers, that I have had commitment issues with adding sewing to my skill set. I have. But. I am nearly finished with my Asian skirt. Nearly. I have only to hem it and to put a fastener at the waist. I am so close. So very. And so, much-appreciated readers, this is where you come in. I pledge to finish this skirt by week's end. I do. Hold me to it.

So. Back to my other train of thought. You knew I'd get back on that train, didn't you? You did. And see? I reward your patience. What would I sew to wear to Costco? Something comfortable. Something attractive. Something that did not involve capris or a knit top. So. What? My choice: Simplicity 3846, copyright 1952. It's cool. Pretty. Yet it would not draw stares and whispered behind-the-hand comments from other Costco shoppers.

And, natch, this lovely number is available at The Blue Gardenia. You'll need it this summer for lunches with girlfriends. For casual suppers with that ever-so-special someone. For the supermarket!

Oh, and do check Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing. She has a feature on yours truly. Read it here. And if you're not already a fan, you'll become one. She's a must-read if you sew. Or want to.