Dinner with friends, and you felt fine in your 1930s dress. June 6, 2010 11:09

1930s_Simplicity_1935 You sit on the sofa, feet tucked beneath you, and ponder the evening. A success. Truly. Excellent company. Articulate. Kind. With an ample and intelligent sense of humor. Delicious food. The grilled salmon salad was worthy of a five-star restaurant. Beloved hubby outdid himself. The table was beautiful. You chose Venture china from the 1960s. Sleek. Modern. Black and ivory. Matching stemware. Gossamer sterling. Sarah Vaughan and Bill Evans on the stereo. And you did not have to fret over your dress. You looked good — well, perhaps even beyond good, to be immodest – in
Simplicity 1935, from the 1930s. You made the sleeveless dress in 4-play silk crepe the color of apricot skin. With covered buttons. You'll wear it again and again. And again. You'll use this pattern again and again, too. So sleek. So comfortable. Absolutely. 

Available at The Blue Gardenia. Of course.