Learning to sew: Preparing to hem the Asian skirt. At last. June 15, 2010 20:27 5 Comments

Today, I beseeched His Bertness to come to my aid. Namely, to pin my Asian skirt hem. He used my handy Super Deluxe Dual Action Pin Hem Marker, which the box boasts will hem any skirt up  to 26" from the floor. Yes. It was a vintage find. Yes. It came in a nifty retro box.

Asian_skirt_hem_pinnedYou can see the result. Yes. I still must iron the hem. No. I am not happy with the length. But. I did not want to cut the figures in half. Compromises were made. So be it. Such is life. Etc. I still must sew it. But, thanks to Gertie, she of the fabulous Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing, I am no longer apprehensive about this step. She suggested  this video, Londa's Favorite Tailor's Catch Stitch Hem. I am armed. I am dangerous. And I can hem this skirt. I have the thread. I have the needles. And I have the knowledge. Absolutely. (And despite the shoddy camera work — done by yours truly - the skirt really is all pinned up. Perhaps I should double-pin it? I am thinking the pressing will take care of that. If I am wrong, tell me. Now. Please. I beg you.)