Learning to sew: The Asian skirt is finished . . . June 18, 2010 15:53 6 Comments

Mccall_5082_mad_men_skirtAnd tomorrow, I promise, I will put on makeup. And shoes. And model it for you. However, today, I am lazy. Enervated. After all, I have been hemming. And pressing. And grocery shopping. A woman has to eat. Right? 

So. I ask your advice about the size pattern I should choose for my next project, McCall 5082, copyright 1959. When I measured my waist, I found a surprising benefit of my dedication to Pilates: a loss of 3 1/2". Delicious. Yes. Excellent. Absolutely. Of course, I do not have a pattern that fits perfectly. I can choose a pattern 1/2" too small or 1 1/2" too large. Dear readers, dear sewists, what should I do?  The 30" waist size fits perfectly in the hips. Should I go right? Or left? Up or down? Oh, the quandary. I await your replies. I await your advice.

And tomorrow, I'll post pictures of the Asian skirt. Up close. Personal. Every flaw revealed. Can you stand it? I hope so.