Just the dress to wear with a 1940s-style victory roll June 22, 2010 21:44 1 Comment

Simplicity_4310_victory_rollSome days — and I admit they are rare — I feel prim. I feel proper. I feel organized. (Well. All right. All right. I rarely feel organized, dear readers, except when it comes to business. But you know that. You do. Absolutely.) But. There are those days, those days that are becoming less rare, when I want to feel together. When I want to stuff the yoga capris in a drawer, pull something spiffy and ironed out of my closet, start up the station wagon, drive into town, have lunch and stop by Show Business and rent Mrs. Miniver on the way home. And on those days, I want to wear Simplicity 4310, View 1, circa 1940s.

I want to pull out the bobby pins —  Victory_rollI know I have some, somewhere amid the lipsticks and the mascara and the toothpaste and the hair goo — and style my hair in a victory roll. Like so in case you don't know exactly how to do one.

And, yes, ever-so-stylish, ever-so-1940s Simplicity 4310 can be yours. Available at The Blue Gardenia, of course. For a mere $18. What a deal. Yes indeed.