How casual is too casual at the farmers market? You decide. July 18, 2010 12:32 6 Comments

Yesterday, His Bertness and I went to the farmers market. Yep, the one right here in Prescott, AZ. It was hot. Almost 100. But. We needed radishes. And lettuce. And rose-gold potatoes.

I'm not going to be snarky today. I'm not. It's Sunday. So. I shall let you decide if the pictured were too casual. Or not.

These pooches won the Cuteness Award. Absolutely. That's why they get two pictures. 

Note her purse. Animal prints are always winners. (Unless, of course, they are real fur. I said I wasn't  being snarky. I didn't say anything about suspending my judgment. Did I?)

I'm being nice. Really. And I'm sure you've noticed there are no photographs of me. I'm so modest. I didn't want to outshine everyone in my perfect farmers market casual attire. But. Trust me. I looked good. Absolutely. (And I hope no one took my photo. I'd hate to be exposed as a dishonest woman.)