Inspirations: Step outside in 1930s boxer shorts. Do. July 31, 2010 08:20 1 Comment

It's raining. A light drizzle. Gently falling all day long. All morning. All afternoon. You hope all night, too. The mist is on the butte outside your sewing room window. It's a perfect day to stay inside. You didn't even venture out to the farmers market. To get the mail. You're staying inside. Like the sugar cube you are, you melt in the rain.

You were tempted to stay cuddly-snug under the covers and finish Therese Raquin. Yes. You were. Oh so. But you didn't. You got up. Got dressed. Did footwork on the reformer. Stomach massage. Eve's Lunge. Leg circles.

Now. You're sewing. Absolutely. Why waste a day stuck inside? Simplicity 1335, the boxer shorts, circa early '30s. Terrific details. Love the back gusset. So much. You've chosen linen the color of a blueberry smoothie. It is lush. Ever so. Just the attire for the farmers market next week. Can't miss those freshly dug taters two weeks in a row. No way. No how.

The only question now is: What top to stitch up? Mmmmmm. You can think about that. Tomorrow.