Sewing spaces: Would yours make Martha Stewart smile or sob? August 15, 2010 09:59 6 Comments

Today, I'm overwhelmed. Well. Not really. I'm exaggerating a bit. But only a wee bit. 

Sewing_room_antAs you probably recall, dearest readers, I want to finish my Mad Men skirt. I want to wear it. I do. It's cut out. Completely. And so I face my next task: marking all those darts. All 10  of them. Gulp. Now. This must be accomplished on my breakfast table. And that is why I am demoralized. Because. Because my breakfast table is a mass of magazines, bills, flyers. And let me not forget the salt shaker. Obviously, the table needs to be cleared anyway. It does. It's a mess. But tackling the darts and the table in the same day? Oh, fright.

So, dear readers, here are my questions:

Do you have a designated sewing space?

If so, how did you organize that space?

What do you like about your sewing space?

If you don't have a designated sewing space, how do you cope? How do you keep from pulling every hair out of your head?

Please share your thoughts on this. Do. I beg you.

(And, alas, the pink sewing room featured above, in all its girly glory, is not mine. It belongs to the Domestic Diva. And I am green. I am. Absolutely. The Anthropologie shot is likewise courtesy of DD. Gorgeous, but perhaps not so practical. I love those high ceilings though! Truly.)