Love Carey Mulligan's glamorous sheaths? Then get the look. August 21, 2010 20:10

I shall keep this brief, dear readers, because you are probably as sleepy as I am and just as eager to cuddle up in bed with a warm glass of milk, a trashy novel and an organic bon-bon. Or two. But. I had to share before pulling back the covers and nestling inside.

An_education_sheathI watched An Education tonight. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. Indeed, so much I had to wonder why I didn't see it in the theater. Oh. Yes. No theater in my lovely little town. I would have to drive twelve miles to the next town. We simply can't have that. Not when I can wait a month or two or three and drive a mere two miles to the locally-owned video store.

So. I won't spoil the plot for those of you who haven't seen it. Because. I am kind. I am considerate. I am all that. But here are a few details — just a few: The year is 1961. There's an innocent. There's a cad — whoops! Have I gone too far?

At any rate, dear readers, the clothes are luscious.  Carey Mulligan as Jenny sheds her schoolgirl duds for elegant sheaths. Odile Dicks-Mireaux designed the clothes for the movie. And they are so right, from the dull bookish uniforms to the smoky nightclub brocade sheaths. 

If you want to emulate Jenny's sophisticated chicklet-about-town look, might I suggest McCall's 7007? It can be yours, and you can make it for day, for night, again and again. And did I mention it's a Quickie? How marvelous is that? And, yes, we do have it at The Blue Gardenia. You guessed. Didn't you?