The power suit, 1940s style. September 9, 2010 18:39 2 Comments

Vogue_couturier_design_309And there you were. Sitting in an office with your editor and the executive editor being told those horrid words: You're on probation. You, with your Ph.D. You, with 15 years in the newspaper biz. Being told you have 90 days to shape up or ship out. Snotty-nosed brats. Barely out of diapers. Both of 'em together don't have 15 years experience. Grrrrr. You'll show 'em. You will. You'll get your resumes out. Hit the pavement. It's a nasty job-hunting environment out there. You know. After all, you read the newspapers. So. You'll need all the help you can get. And Vogue Couturier Design 353 is your ace in the hole. Absolutely. Who could resist its power? Who? It speaks of strength. It speaks of competence. It is money in the bank. Yes. It is.

And, yes, this gorgeous pattern can be yours. Just drop by The Blue Gardenia. Fill out the order form. You'll be glad you did. You will.