The power of a pattern . . . October 2, 2010 10:42

Mccall_5995_vixencombined with the power of vision. I have always liked McCall 5995, copyright 1961. Always. (Otherwise, of course, it wouldn't  have made The Blue Gardenia. I'm rather picky. BG patterns must strike a chord with me. Absolutely.) But to me, McCall 5995 was elegant, ladylike, so very Jackie O. An ensemble for an afternoon wedding, Sunday brunch, a garden club board meeting. You get the picture. You do.

Sunni_vixen_mad_men_dressThen. Then, dear readers, I saw this version interpreted by The Cupcake Goddess. Wow! Enter a room wearing this, and all the men — or women, if they are your cup of tea — will sit up and growl appreciatively. Don't you love this dress? I do. Now, I long for this pattern in my size. I do. 

So. One pattern + a point of view + sewing skill + luscious fabric = freedom and individuality. You can dress the way you want. You can be who you want to be. Can't you? You can. I say so. So. Don't argue with me. Don't.

Which brings to mind a Jeff Bridges quote I read somewhere: "You don't have to be who you think you are." Imagine. So handsome. So talented. And a philosopher. Like my beloved, His Bertness. Contented sigh.

And, yes, this dress pattern is available at The Blue Gardenia. It is complete. It is Bust 38. It is a mere $27. Will it be yours? Envision it. Do.