Wear this 1940s power suit, and that job offer is in the bag. October 14, 2010 17:57 2 Comments

Butterick_2249_1940s_suit You've pawed through your wardrobe with the determination of a pooch looking for his favorite bone. Time and again. Back and forth through the suits and dresses. And yet. And yet nothing seems perfect for your job interview week after next. Nothing. And since you've been out of work 62 weeks now — 62 weeks without one single interview — everything has to be exactly right, from your Ferragamo pumps (Gammy Ruth always told you to buy quality because quality lasts and lasts) to your suit to your French twist.

Now, you're pawing through your patterns. Eureka! Here is one that says competence and confidence, quietly but firmly. Butterick 2249, circa 1940s. It's simple. You don't want anything flashy. You don't. But it has style in those tucks that nip in the waist. And originality. You aren't just any applicant. No. You aren't. You are the one. The one they want. The one they must have. Yes, this is the suit. The suit that will have an offer coming your way — and soon. And you have just the fabric stored in your sewing room armoire: a blue-gray wool gabardine. Oh, yes. The phone will be ringing. It will. Gainful employment will be yours again. Oh, joy. Paychecks! Bliss is just around the corner. It is. 

And, yes, this pattern can be yours. Yes indeedy. It's at The Blue Gardenia, where the patterns are counted, the jewelry is sparkling, and domestic shipping is free.