This is the coat for your Dr. Zhivago moments. October 21, 2010 15:41 2 Comments

She's thinking coats. Something warm. Something stylish. Maybe something a little Julie Christie as Lara in Dr. Zhivago. Perhaps Vogue Basic Design 1983, View C. Yes. That's the one. Absolutely. It's gorgeous. And stylish. So very. And she'll be protected from those fierce winds of winter wherever she goes. Wherever. She'll stitch it up in cashmere. Lined in silk charmeuse. And fake fur. Of course. She wonders: Can she find faux chinchilla? Mmmmm . . . somewhere.

And if you can't live without this coat pattern — and I hope you can't — just drop by The Blue Gardenia. The details, if you please: Bust 36. Still in factory folds. $33. And, naturally, there's no charge for shipping if you are in the US. So. There you go. It's the perfect coat for winter 2010-11. It is.