Sewing Spaces: You want this book. You do. So comment. Now. October 27, 2010 17:28 37 Comments

SS-Myrna Forgive me. Please. I changed my mind. The mega-giveaway with fabric, pin cushion and pattern is next week. This week, I decided to honor Myrna, who wrote the book on getting one's sewing space in order. Really. She did. And it's a fabulous book, jammed with excellent advice. If you read the interview with her and had to get the Kleenex to wipe drool from your lips when you saw her beautiful (yes, I am green!) space, then you'll agree that it is high time TBG gave away Setting Up Your Sewing Space. So. If you want this book — and I know you do — just leave a comment about your own space by Monday, November 1, 2010 before 1:30 pm PST. Got it?

And if you haven't checked out Myrna's blog, do. You will be happy you did. Very.