I love Christmas. Especially the cookies. December 19, 2010 13:50 2 Comments

It's that time of year. The time to dirty the kitchen to the maximum. To get flour here. There. Everywhere. To make Christmas cookies.

This year, I decided to try something new. To be bold. To try decorating. Complete with festive sparkles, glaze, glittering sugar. Fortunately, His Bertness was game. He baked. We both let our inner artists out to play and trim the buttery trees and ornaments. It was rather fun. It was. 

Inspired by Casey, who so elegantly muses, we used The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies recipe. And I agree. It is the best. Absolutely. And I think the cookies turned out rather pretty, as well. I do.

Ahh, well. Now that I have bragged about these cookies, time to get back to the baking of the biscotti. Yum bunnies. I love Christmas. Even in a blue year.