Nix the nudes. Enchant me in leaf green, petal pink, sparkly black. January 17, 2011 15:31 7 Comments

Gg_catherine_lhuillier I confess: I did not watch all of the Golden Globes last night. I went to see an actual movie. (Yes. I left my house. I did. It happens. Occasionally.) Anyway. By the time I got home, the ceremony was well under way. So. I spent some time today surfing and surely, surely, I saw most of the dresses. And it seemed like most of them were flesh-toned. And I like nude. I do. But there was just too much of it.

My favorite, dress, without a doubt: Catherine Zeta-Jones' Monique L'Huillier. Wow. The color is exquisite. The design is elegant. Total 1950s glamour. I would so wear this. Absolutely. This is the gown I would bring home, swathed tenderly in glossy box and layer upon layer of tissue paper.

Gg_danes_ckc And my second favorite gown of the evening: the sleek Calvin Klein Collection column worn by Claire Danes. Love the color. Love the style. Love, love, love! Love. It is sexy. It is regal. Not your usual combination, I know. I do. But this number deserves both adjectives, in this blogger's humble O. Yes indeedy. And it looks comfortable, too. 

The glittery Marchesa that Olivia Wilde (or her stylist) picked out won my heart, too. Gg_olivia_wilde_marchesa Again, 1950s glamour. Love the girly silhouette. The sparkles. However. The hair. Yikes. This gown deserves something better than  beach-girl bangs. Perhaps an elegant French twist. Definitely an updo. Something sophisticated yet simple.

On the other hand, what was Sandra Bullock thinking? What? I am a fan. I am. Really. Admire her acting. Love her style. She's usually perfection on the red carpet. Usually. Not so last night. No. No way. That dowdy dress. (Designed, if you care, by Jenny Packham.) Those bangs.  Oh. My. Oh my oh my oh my oh my. My theory: She had plastic surgery and cut those bangs Gg_bullock_packem to distract the persnickety critics among us. That — or she was having a total mutton-dressed-as-lamb moment. Mmmmm. What do you think? Am I being too mean? I'm not, am I? Of course not. Never. On the other hand, did I mention that her hair looks stringy? Did you notice? Sandra, come on, girl. You're a style icon. Get with the program. Don't let us down.

So. Who were your favorites? Which dress would you pick for your moment at the podium? Which?