The puppy ate my blog posts. February 9, 2011 08:08 16 Comments

Well, not exactly. But there is a new member of our family, Atchison, and that particular member has proven to be a time Hoover. Truly. He vacuums all my time right up.

He's ten weeks old. He's a Lab. He's adorable. (Stating the obvious. I know.) He's mischievous. He's annoying. He has that irresistible puppy scent. He always has a better idea. And he is oh-so-very lovable. Absolutely.

Oh. Let me not forget: He's stubborn. He's energetic. Yes indeed.

I love him. His Bertness loves him. Miss Emma loves him. (And some skeptics say there is no such thing as love at first sight. Oh, you doubting Thomasinas and Thomases.)

And. Yes. Miss Emma is a saint. She is. Oh, sure. She adores him. She does. I know it. But. Sometimes —  in those rare moments — I think she'd really like to snap at him. I do. But she is forbearing. Long-suffering. Patient. A perfect older sister.