Tonight, a little something different. February 14, 2011 04:36 4 Comments

You're going over to his house. You're going to cook together. The first time. Ever. Y'all are making Pasta Carbonara and Strawberry Tiramisu. Yum bunnies. You're bringing the flowers. He's picking up the groceries. (You're going to try to squelch your inner control freak. It won't be easy. You love to make sure you get the perfect produce, the freshest eggs and cream. You pinch every tomato. Check every egg. Approve the date on every carton. Oh. Well. You'll just have to trust him. Drat. And trusting is not your strong point.) 


You don't want to spoil your gorgeous 1940s frock. You don't. So. You're taking your favorite apron. Your very favorite. McCall 2105. Copyright 1955. With a strawberry. You love a theme. You do. But a heart for V-Day is so trite. So very, very. You made the apron last autumn. And you are so glad you did. Absolutely. You're going to make the watermelon version as well. So delightful. So summery. Mmmm . . . is it trite to make that version for the 4th of July? Or is it traditional? Oh, well. You've plenty of time to decide.

And, yes, this pattern is available at The Blue Gardenia, where the patterns are counted, the jewelry is sparkling, and domestic shipping is free. (And we happily ship abroad for a small postal fee.)

And, dear readers, I wish you the happiest Valentine's Day. Ever. Ever, at least, til next year.