I made a scarf. I love it. March 17, 2011 16:25 10 Comments

Vogueknitting Or to be precise, I've made three. This is my second. I liked it so much

that I made another like it in blue. This scarf pattern is from Vogue Knitting's Beginner Basics. I'm making the cover scarf now. The yarn is yummy. A Colinette thick and thin. Dark blue with a rainbow of other colors. Love it. I do.

Knitted-scarfFunny, me knitting. A craft I admire. A craft I always thought I lacked the patience to do. But. I've plunged into it, with no expectations. Absolutely none. Mmmmm ... I wonder if that's why I complete my knitting projects, while my sewing projects laugh at me from shopping bags stored here and there. UFOs, they are. At this moment, anyway. Perhaps my knitting will give me the confidence to finish my Mad Men skirt and my Crepe.

What do you think? Do you knit, dear readers?