Tie top. Pleated shorts. Button-on skirt. So 1940s. So fetching. March 29, 2011 08:36 4 Comments

Mccall_5954_1940s_pattern Oh, it is a perfect day for a picnic. Fried chicken — it's even better cold — and potato salad and rolls. All made by your own hand. Naturally. Maybe some fresh strawberries. Mabel and Myrtle, your black Labs, will have so much fun. Because, of course, you'll take the Frisbee, in a vain attempt to lure them away from the food. (Such humongous appetites have they!) You'll call Brianna, your best friend, and see if she wants to come. She can bring her Westies.

And you're so glad you stitched up McCall 5954, copyright 1945. It it just the ensemble to wear on a beautiful spring day like today.

And this pattern is available at The Blue Gardenia. The details, if you care (and of course you do!): McCall 5954, Shorts, Top and Skirt, Bust 32, Complete, $35.

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