Shameless plug: Evening gown extravaganza. Day dress drama. June 6, 2011 10:29 3 Comments

There. Some alliteration. I know. Dreadful. Cheap. But amusing to the easily amused. And that would be me. Sometimes.

Anyway. It's that time again, dearest readers. Yep. We've added more vintage patterns. More! We have. And this time, we've really outdone ourselves. (In my most humble opinion, that is.)

1930s_butterick_evening_suit You'll find additions in all decade categories, as well as Lingerie, Bridal, Accessories and Aprons. Lots. Lots of stunning and pretty and smart vintage styles. Advance Imports. Vogue Couturier Designs. Vogue Paris Originals. Spadea. Even a 1940s coverall fit for Rosie the Riveter. And on. And on. Wow! Wow. (If I do say so my very own self.) A few highlights, if you'll indulge me — and yourselves, too, of course. Because this fashion show is truly a visual feast. Absolutely. Even if you don't make a purchase. But. Naturally, I want you to purchase and purchase and purchase and purchase . . . you get my drift. 

It's a chilly evening. It is. Even though it's June, the winds are brisk and cool. But you must go out tonight. A formal affair. Aren't you glad you whipped up Butterick 1240 in May? You are. The dress is stunning. The drapery so elegant. So very. And it has that beautiful jacket. It does. The details: Evening gown and jacket. Bust 38. Complete except for back facing. $125. 

You have a charity event in July. A ball. You want to look elegant. Beautiful. Absolutely. Very Ingrid Bergman in Indiscreet. What better choice than Vogue Couturier Design 771?  Yards of chiffon or marquisette. Yards. More than thirteen. 13 5/8, to be exact. The details: Evening dresses. Size missing, but most likely bust 32 or 36. Complete; skirt piece divided into two pieces. Copyright 1953. $75.

And then there's the ballroom dance in August. Again, formal. And you want to look sensational. Sexy. Vogue Couturier Design 773, with its saucy bolero and haute couture gown, is the perfect ensemble. With their first glance at you, all the men in the room will be as stunned as if you had Tazed then. You love the style. And you'll love its affects. The details: Evening dress and bolero. Bust 32. Complete except for easily duplicated skirt stiffening. Copyright 1953. $150.

And for a more comfortable evening at home, wear McCall 3817.  If I were the bossy sort, I would insist. I would. Perfect dinner party attire: It's feminine. Subtle. Dare I say it: Ladylike. You love this one. You do. Especially the long, full sleeves. Details, details, details: Evening dresses. Bust 38. Still in factory folds. Copyright 1940. $150.

And for your mod moments — drat, alliteration again — try Vogue Couturier Design 1680. A Belinda Bellvlle design.  It's sleek. It's yummy. And it has pockets! You can pack your lipstick and ID inside. No need to carry an evening bag. None at all. How cool is that? Very. Very. Very. The details: Evening dress designed by Belinda Bellville. Bust 31. Complete. $125.

And there's more. Much. So many designers. Even a 1950s Trigere and Givenchy. So glamorous. So hard to find.

So. Rush over to The Blue Gardenia, where the patterns are counted, the jewelry is sparkling, and domestic shipping is free. (We happily ship abroad, of course, although there is a fee, less than the postal service charges us. You may choose Global Priority or Global Express. We love them both. We do.) And we take American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Paypal and Visa. And cold, hard cash. Anything to make you happy, dears. Anything. Almost.