What a dress for a barbecue at dusk. June 16, 2011 01:34

Style_1320_peplum_dress She paws through her closet. She needs something that meets all the three C's: Casual. Comfy. Cool. But she wants something with a little sass as well. Something that will get his temp flying high in the sky. But something ladylike, too. She doesn't want to threaten his female relatives, who tend toward modesty. She passes dress after dress in her vast closet. Then she sees the sleeveless periwinkle linen she made late last summer. She loves the cascading tiers down the back. The princess seamed bodice that fits just so. The sweetheart flair to the neckline. She loves this dress. Absolutely. This is the one. It is.

The details, if you please (and, of course, you do, because who could live without this fabulous pattern?): Style 1320. Dresses. Bust 34. Still in factory folds. Circa late 1980s. $25.

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