Learning to sew: Choosing the best pattern size. Help! Please. August 1, 2011 10:37 8 Comments

Butterick-9098 Oh. My. Making the muslin of 1950s Butterick 9098 has brought up a big fitting issue for me: Namely, pattern size. Am I using the wrong size? My upper bustline measures 33". Full, 37.5". Waist, 30". Hips, 38". I selected a Bust 36, based on what my dressmaker used when I lived in Houston. (Yes, I do feel a little strange sharing my measurements. I do. Absolutely. But. I want to choose the right pattern size. I've had to take this pattern up. Everywhere.) 

And speaking of the muslin, I am cutting a new one. I am still a scaredy cat when it comes to cutting into my fashion fabric. I am. Despite what Erica B. says: It's ONLY fabric!) She's right. Of course. It is only fabric. It is. But it's so beautiful!

So, dearest readers, advice, please. Please. Share your experience. Share your wisdom. Imbue me with hope.