Free your inner irresistible babe with this 1950s negligee pattern. August 9, 2011 08:54

Simplicity-3401 Sleeping in t-shirts has grown old. Sure, they are comfortable. Sure, they are easy. Sure, they are soft. And, certainly, the state of sleepwear today — even at Neiman Marcus — is dull, deplorable and ever-so-pricey. But you're going to change. Drop that lazy streak like a beach coat at the pool when you're ready to dive into the chilly water. It's possible. It is. You're going to sleep in luxurious fabrics, gentle on your skin. You're going to sew your own gown, glamorous against your pillows. You're going to reveal your inner Liz. She's there. She is. You know it. All you need to do is unshackle those chains. And is there a better ensemble to start your new nightlife with than Simplicity 3401, copyright 1950? It's perfect. Truly. From the sweetheart neckline to the flatteringly full bodice. And the negligee will be charming at the breakfast table. Which you will generously let him make. Mmmmm . . . fresh pineapple, strawberries and kiwi to start, followed by golden pancakes, fluffy inside, crispy around the edges. You're going to your fabric stash now. This minute. That periwinkle charmeuse will be perfect. Absolutely.

The details, if you please (and, of course, you do, because who could live without this fabulous pattern?): Simplicity 3401. Gown and negligee. Bust 30. Complete. Circa late 1980s. $37.

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