Pad these peplums. You'll wow your audience. You will. September 7, 2011 03:05 3 Comments

Did you read Gertie's post on how to pad a peplum? I did. With great interest. Love the look. And I have many Lilli Ann suits to prove it. Perhaps I will share those with you one day.

So. Have you the courage to put your sewing skills to the padded peplum test? If so, may I suggest these two patterns? (Both available at The Blue Gardenia. Just added. Yes. Inspired by Gertie's post.)

Vogue Paris Original 1994, courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent, mimics the lines of the Lilli Ann suit Gertie featured. It is exquisite. So very. Beautiful details. Or to use Vogue's word, superb. Gorgeous silhouette. Tres sexy. Tres chic. The info: Bust 36-40. Uncut. Copyright 1997. Plus difficile. Of course. 

And then there is Vogue Paris Original Model 1232. Totally hourglass. Totally stunning. Designed by Desses. The details: Bust 36. Complete. Copyright 1953. (And the pattern itself is made of that fabulous celadon paper. So pretty!)

And dear readers, I have been working on my muslin.  Marticia — so lovely, so kind — dropped by and helped. Perhaps I'll share about that later in the week. It's looking quite nice. And I'll say so myself.