Red. Blue. Black. These are the colors that won my Emmy heart. September 18, 2011 19:15 3 Comments

I know you have been waiting by your laptop, endlessly hitting refresh, to read my thoughts about the gowns at the Emmy show tonight. I know you have, dear readers. And. If you haven't, please don't stick a pin in my balloon. Let me clasp my illusions to my bosom. Please.

My favorite gowns of the evening were red: I am a pushover for the one-shoulder strap look, and Sofia Vergara's was quite special. (Vogue: Pattern, please?) This sexy creation was designed by Vera Wang. Love it.

Another red I'd adore seeing in my closet (and that's the only place I'd see it, since my lifestyle tends to church, the grocery store, and on the rare occasion, the coffee shop): The stunning Donna Karan that Nina Dobrev wore. The bodice is reminiscent of a 1949 VPO I've twice been fortunate enough to have on the site. Very. Didn't your heart go pitty-pat over that creative fishtail? Mine did. In fact, it still is. Hear it? Pitpatpitpatpitpitpat.

And Dianna Agron's gown — courtesy of Ilincic Rokanda — had my pulse speeding as fast as a teen-ager in daddy's Lamborghini. The cobalt. The drapery. The comfortable cut. This would be fabulous and wearable in a day-length. I mean, really, who needs the train in daily life? I don't. I envision wool crepe. Cobalt blue. Natch.

Crazy, too, am I about Evan Rachel Wood's gown, designed by Elie Saab. She channeled Veda. Absolutely. I was disappointed she didn't win for her role in Mildred Pierce. Thank goodness, we had a box of Kleenex at hand. It's empty now.

Emmy-2011-paltrowGwyneth Paltrow's Pucci reminded me of a modern version of Gilda. Gorgeous. Totally. Too bad she didn't take fashion inspiration from Rita and do something with her hair. (Note to GP: Get it cut. Get it styled. You're not 16 any more. Sure. Show off those taut abs. Do. But. Get the locks trimmed. Please.)

I understand promotion. I do. Completely. But Heidi Klum took shameless plugs to a record low with her Christian Siriano number. Maybe he is a Project Runway alum. Maybe she wants to support contestants. I get it. Really. I do. But this frock looks like something my little canine pal Atchison regurgitated on the kitchen rug last week. We promptly took the questionable substance to the trash. Outside. Didn't even want it in the garbage can indoors. I think she should do the same with this dress. Immediately.

So. Share your opinions. Which gowns had you drooling? Which gowns had you hooting? I want to know. I do.  Heidi-klum-emmy-2011