Sew these: A slinky '30s top. An elegant '40s hostess gown. October 7, 2011 10:45 3 Comments

I'm all atingle with excitement. Why, you ask? Because. Because The Blue Gardenia is awash in new vintage pattern additions. So many. So fabulous.

Shall I tempt you with a few of my favorites? Was that a yes? I heard a yes. I did. Indeed.

So. Let's go.

New York 167:
So slinky. So Jean Harlow. So 1930s. Wear it at night with black velvet pants. Wear it for day with jeans and boots. Love this one. I do.

Vogue S-4263: Myrna Loy. Lana Turner. Channel the glimmering stars as you glide down the red carpet in this sophisticated number. Make it in a cherry wool crepe for day. Try a soft silk crepe for evening. In emerald, I think. You'll be stunning. And your fans will be picking themselves up off the floor.   VoguePO-2382

Vogue Paris Original 2382: Nina Ricci did us all a ginormous favor when she unleashed this powerful wrap coat dress from her creative mind. For the ultimate '70s chic, make the midi version in mauve worsted wool. Can you say gorgeous? Yes. You can. And you'll be strong, too, when you don this. 

Vogue 7883:
So versatile. So beautiful. So comfortable. Make this one in denim for easy weekends. Whip it up in shantung for those special nights. And it's easy-to-make? So says Vogue. How wonderful is that?

Butterick 4133:
Now this, this is a hostess gown. Imagine greeting your guests, air kisses for each one, as the scintillating chatter rings throughout your refined flat. Oh, they will be talking for days. Weeks. Months. You'll be the new Perle Mesta.

All of these smashing vintage patterns can be yours. Just drop by The Blue Gardenia, where the patterns are counted, the jewelry is sparkling, and domestic shipping is free. (And, yes, we happily ship abroad — either Global Priority or Express — for less than USPS charges us. Isn't that grand? I think so.)