Learning to sew: I felt the fear. I did it anyway. Finally. October 11, 2011 02:01 6 Comments

I know. You thought I'd wadded my muslin. Tossed it. Lost my courage and decided to never sew again. Wrong!

I was scared. Terrified, in fact. I decided I simply couldn't use the silk brocade. I knew trying to match the dots on the center front seam would leave me hairless. So. I found a cotton I'd bought more than a decade ago. I'm not sure how it will look on me, dear readers. I'm not. Such a big print. The poppies are the size of apples. But. The colors are so vibrant.

This layout is different. Getting the fabric on grain took hours. Hours. Really.

You can see my first effort didn't quite work. But. DId I give up? No. I kept pulling. Tugging. Patting. Ever so gently. I used cans of beans and books to hold the fabric in place.

At last, I managed to get the cotton on grain. I think. I've cut the bodice. The facings. Next, the skirt. Then . . . gulp . . . I'll turn the machine on. And stitch. Oh my. 

Any tips on thread color, sewistas? So many colors in this fabric. Share your opinions, please. I beg you.