Some stunning gowns among the dull at the Golden Globes. January 15, 2012 16:28 5 Comments


Ahhhh, the Golden Globe Awards. Such a welcome break from unpacking boxes cluttering our kitchen floor, dear readers.

My favorite gown of the night, the sleek 1950s inspired Versace worn by Angelina Jolie. Slim. Sleek. Sexy. Unexpected. (Weren't there a lot of boring gowns this year? I was yawning. I was.)

Portman_gg2012Natalie Portman wore a similar frock. Shared the side drape. Shared the red cuff. But. Something was off. Indeed. Loved the colors. Loved the idea. But the fabric seemed too stiff. The bustle a tad too big. The bodice fit like a crisp brown paper bag. It could have been absolutely dreamy. Oh, woe. Lanvin missed the train by a minute or two on this design.

Loved Tilda Swinton's periwinkle Haider Ackerman. Fabulous color. Creative design. Think of the boxes I could have unpacked in this. Swinton_gg2012
And as an added bonus, the train would have swept the floor. Two chores in one. Oh, joy. But. Ms. Swinton's hair had me shaking my head. It looked like a lopsided powder puff.  Don't you agree?

Totally crazy over the gown Michelle Williams graced. Bee-yoo-tee-ful. Simple. Elegant. And as comfortable as my yoga pants and tee. Designed by Jason Wu. What do you think of the headband? I think it's rather cute. Absolutely.

Nicole Kidman
also chose a Versace creation. So gorgeous. So imaginative. Love this one. I am still saying "wow!"

Mary J. Blige
was a pleasure for the eyes in her blush Michael Kors creation. So glamorous. She channeled old style Hollywood sophistication and sex appeal. Totally. And I am still drooling over those dazzling earrings. I am. It's not a pretty sight.

So. What gowns made you smile? And did you find any articularly frightful? Tell me. Please.