Learning to sew: Doh! March 3, 2012 11:52 4 Comments

There are moments in which I feel my mission in learning to sew is to make other fledglings feel better. This is one of those moments. My sewing teacher and I have both commented on the weird, curvy cut of the lower sleeves on this 1957 Simplicity pattern. We decided that perhaps it was a vintage element. Mmmmmm . . . you know I'm a skeptic. I am. And this issue niggled at my mind. Kept me from sleeping. (Not that this insomniac needs any help there.) I looked at the instruction sheet again, as had my instructor. Still. I could not rest. I pulled out the pattern pieces. There it was. Plain as helvetica. I should have trimmed the sleeve for my view. I'm not going to call myself a dolt. I'll let you do that. Just don't throw tomatoes. If you must throw something, make it lemon chess pie. Homemade, please.

So. I put the pattern pieces back on the sewn bodice as best I could. Then I trimmed. And measured. And trimmed again. It is close.

The question for you, dear and ever-so-knowledgeable sewists: May I sew the bias tape on the sleeves with the underarm seam closed? Originally, I sewed it on with the seam open and flat, as the instructiion sheet ordered. It might be a little more difficult this way. But. I think it will work. Am I deluding myself? Again? Do tell.