You'll take home the trophy in this 1930s frock. Absolutely. March 7, 2012 00:40


Ahhhhhh, golf. You know nothing about it. Really. But. Nonetheless, you have a golf date this Sunday afternoon.  You aren't worried, though. You'll look smashing on the court. Or is it course? Your idea of exercise is the treadmill, accompanied by a good book. However, you do know there are some sort of little club thingies.

You have the perfect dress. You whipped it up a couple of weeks ago, when you were oh-so-tired of winter.  New York/Ladies Home Journal 1280. In butternut linen with a chocolate brown cape and covered buttons. You love this dress. Great for golf. For picnics. For church on Sunday mornings. The 1930s style is soooo elegant.

The details, if you please: New York/Ladies Home Journal 1280 Bust 29 or 35 Sleeveless Dress with Separate Cape Circa 1932-1935 Still in factory folds $53

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