I could get used to this: Another blog award. Yippee! April 12, 2012 00:56 3 Comments

I am one happy woman. Dee of Seams Sustainable nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Isn't that peachy? I think so. Dee, I thank you. I do.

Of course, there are rules that accompany this honor. I must:

1. Display the Versatile Blogger logo. (Piece of cake!)

2. Say thank you to the blogger who presented me with this lovely award. (Of course! I had good home training.)

3. Link to the lovely Dee's site, since she selected moi for this nifty award. (Always good to know someone is reading my posts!)

4. Give the Versatile Blogger Award to fifteen other  most excellent bloggers. (Cutting fifteen out of the herd is tough. There are so many wonderful and informative blogs.)

5. Share seven things about myself. Ugh. I'm not so fond of this one.

So. Drum roll, please. These are the blogs I've selected, in no particular order, as they say on DWTS:


Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing

It's a Sewing Life

Narcoleptic in a Cupboard

Sew Store-Bought

Pretty Grievances

Stitch and Witter

Sewing is Hard

The Long and Winding Bobbin

Frabjous Couture

As I Said

Struggle Sews a Straight Seam

Retired in Alaska

The Mahogany Stylist

I Wanna Frock and Roll All Night

Now, for the boring part. I've asked alter ego Jinx Marlowe to ask me questions to make this a bit less tedious for you. Probably a futile effort.

Jinx: Do you have a guilty pleasure? 

Denise: I do. Watching The Young and The Restless and reading Emilie Loring novels.

Jinx: And your favorite movies are . . . 

Double Indemnity, Chinatown and Out of the Past.

Jinx: When will you show your readers the dress you just finished? 

Denise: When I conquer my laziness and put on makeup. You're not nagging, are you?

Jinx: Oh, please. Stop being hypersensitive. Favorite quote? 

ChandlerandcissyDenise: Mmmm . . . difficult. There are so many that I love. I'll share my favorite quote today. It's from Raymond Chandler, and it is about his wife, Cissy: "For thirty years, ten months and four days, she was the light of my life, my whole ambition. Anything else I did was just the fire to warm her hands at. That is all there is to say."

Jinx: Man crush? 

Denise: Stephen Colbert.

His  Bertness: (Oops, he's interrupted! Must have been the mention of Colbert. He's moved Jinx aside, and he's asking questions.) How can you be humble?

Denise: It's difficult. But I manage.

His Bertness: When you itch, is it better to scratch or delay gratification and hope for an improved situation?

Denise: Count to ten, then scratch. 

Jinx: Bert, go to bed. I'm asking the questions. What are you working on now, Denise?

Denise: This isn't twenty questions. It's seven. Enough! My readers' eyelids are already drooping.

Again, Dee, I thank you. You're keen. You are. And, readers, check out these blogs. There will be tests!