This is one fabulous vintage fashion show. Absolutely. May 18, 2012 01:14

Oh, my lovelies, it's fashion show time at The Blue Gardenia. We've added a passel of patterns. Just for you. A few highlights to tempt you (and remember, you'll find new additions at the beginning of each category):

All right. She admits it. She doesn't need an evening coat right now. The nights are cool in the desert. But not that cool. And she'll also admit this: She doesn't need an evening coat at all. Not now. Perhaps not ever. But she's going to buy Butterick 8133. And she's going to make it. She loves the sleeves. So powerful. She loves the inset at the waist. So flattering. She'll make it in navy velvet. Silk, of course. And line it in mauve silk organdy. And one more thing: She's going to make a life, too. One that fits this amazing coat. After all, she has until fall.

She's in the mood for a new blouse. Something elegant. Unusual. Very noir bitch vixen. Something that would look right at home in the closet of a Chandler woman. Vogue 5984. That's the one. It will fit a plush padded satin hanger perfectly, and then slide easily onto her rose petal skin. Perhaps in coral 4-ply silk. And it's easy to make. Or so Vogue says. And that venerable company wouldn't pull her leg, would they?

She's in a mood. She is. And not a good one. Not good at all. In fact, it's downright nasty. She has to go to a baby sit and see — or is it sip and see — next month with her sister. Can't get out of it. Can't. Can't. Can't. It's Kelly's first baby, and alas, she won't be out of town as she so often is for work. Drat. She imagines a grueling afternoon of women sitting around staring at a little red lump of wriggling flesh. But if it's a sip and see . . . mmm . . . doesn't that mean liquor? She can get quietly tanked on some she-nectar like bellinis. That might not be so bad. At least, a buzz would make the time pass faster.

Oh well. She deserves a treat for being so darn nice and self-sacrificing. She does. Absolutely. And that little gift to herself is going to be that fabulously sexy dress that Luis Estevez designed for Quaker Oats in 1959. She always chuckles when she thinks of wholesome oatmeal and this wicked dress. Quaker Oats B-4, what a hoot!

She's getting married in June. A simple affair. The courthouse. A brunch with only their nearest and dearest afterward. She doesn't want a dress she'll never wear again. She  wants a dress she can wear again and again. Something that will always remind her of that lovely summer day. Vogue 6761 is exactly the dress she wants to wear when she says those hefty two words. In platinum linen. And it has pockets. She can tuck his wedding band inside. She can barely wait.

And yes, all these gorgeous vintage patterns — and more —  can be yours. Just drop by The Blue Gardenia, where the patterns are counted, the jewelry is sparkling, and domestic shipping is free. (And, yes, we happily ship abroad for a fee — just what the post office charges, in fact.) So rush on over. Do. You'll be delighted you did. Yes indeedy.