That touch of fashion: Doris wins the Trojan War in these PJs. June 1, 2012 01:14

Absolutely. Love them — or, at least, the upper half. Love The Pajama Game. Love the score by  Richard Adler and Jerry Ross. So hummable. (In fact, His Bertness and I rarely take a road trip without the soundtrack. Though, she sniffled pompously, we have the original cast recording of the stage version from 1954, with Janis Paige and John Raitt. Yes, he's the pop of songbird Bonnie.)

In the close of the movie version, released in 1957, with Ms. Day as feisty factory worker-union activist Babe Williams and Raitt as imminently lust-worthy new superintendant Sid Sorokin, she wears the top, and he wears the pants. Mmmmmmm . . . let's not analyze that.

Simplicity_4108If you want to emulate this look — and I think your mister would be most pleased if you did — may I suggest Simplicity 4108? (I may indeed, because I'm writing this, and I'm my own editor, so there. I have the power, and it's gone to my head. In fact, I'm dizzy with it.) Just add piping, and you've got Doris's PJs. (Sarai has an excellent piping tutorial on the Coletterie, if you need any help.)

The details: Simplicity 4108 Pajamas and Nightshirt Complete; sleeve trimmed but extensions are present Copyright 1952 (All right, all right. It's a few years off, but how much did pajama styles change in five years. Really?) $22

And here's a clip from the movie. Doesn't Mr. Raitt wear those khakis darn well? Certainly this fan thinks so. Ummmm hummmm.)

Where to find this cute pattern? Why, at The Blue Gardenia, of course, where the patterns are counted, the jewelry is sparkling, and domestic shipping is free. (And, yes, we happily ship abroad — either Global Priority or Express — for less than USPS charges us. Isn't that grand? I think so.)