That touch of fashion: Doris Day, girl singer. June 28, 2012 10:33


Doris Day did not intend to be a singer. That wasn't this pretty Ohio miss's goal. No. She had a dream — to be a professional dancer. She was focused. She worked diligently. She wanted that dream to become reality. She was no slacker teen. Not Doris.

But. There was a car accident. An accident that damaged her legs — and crippled her dream.

However, during recovery, she discovered she had another talent. She found she had a voice. A good one. A voice of which an angel could — and would  — be proud. Celebrate the birth of Doris Day, girl singer.

(I suppose this proves that old adage that often slips from the tongues of optimists: When God slams one door, he opens another. Or lays waste to the version spun from the lips of pessimists: When God slams one door, he opens a window for you to jump out of. Or my version: When God slams one door, you're so busy wailing that God quietly shuts the other door he opened for you to walk through.)

Oh well. Whatever, as the ubiquitous they say. Doris Day has never been a whiner. Or so I've read. I have.

Anyway. I say that you might as well be fashionably dressed, whether emptying a box of Puffs, tumbling from a high window,  or gliding through a freshly-opened door.  And I particularly love this evening ensemble on the sexy sway back of Ms. Day. Absolutely.

Butterick-4055Wanna duplicate this look? Then I suggest Butterick 4055, circa 1940s. Select Version B, ditch the bow, add short sleeves, pin on a sparkly, mint condition Schreiner brooch, hire a band, (unless you've already got one) reach for the microphone and set those dulcet tones free. Use your favorite skirt pattern — be it straight, A-line, gathered — to complete your glamorous look. I think I'd whip this up in a three-mummy crepe. Maybe raspberry. In case you care. Tell me you do. Lie, if you must.

Pink_schreiner_broochAnd, yes, pattern and brooch may both be yours. Just click to The Blue Gardenia. You knew that was coming, didn't you? Well, I have bills to pay. I do. So. Naturally, I hope you cannot live without this multi-tasking Butterick pattern and this ever-so-girly pink gem. Tell me you can't. OK?  Make my day. In fact, make my day a very happy one, and go on a shopping spree at The Blue Gardenia. Por favor, if I may quote the beautiful, independent animal activist Ms. Day.