Can you say collar? Make that collars. And what a skirt! July 8, 2012 05:40 2 Comments


Aaahhhh . . . collars. Collars that are unusual. Collars that make a statement. Collars that are ginormous. You love them. And that is why you find Vogue Special Design S-4227 irresistible. What a collar. Are should you say two collars? Yes. You should.  One collar that dips in back. One collar that dips in front. And both soar like the wings of birds. You love this dress. You'll make two. At least. One for those quiet evening at tony restaurants, where a pianist plays love songs in the background. And one for work. For those subtle evenings, you'll choose navy shantung with a nude-pink organdy collar. For day, you'll go with emerald . . . perhaps an eyelet cotton — with a handkerchief linen collar in white. Oh, you cannot wait. You're going online to find fabric now. This minute.

The details: Vogue Special Design S-4227 Bust 32 Still in factory folds Copyright 1955 $38

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