This perfect summer ensemble is perfectly Daisy Buchanan. July 12, 2012 09:31 3 Comments

She's not the country club type. Not one bit. But. Her nouveau riche sister? Now, that is a different story. So. This Sunday, after church, she's going to tag along with her sister and her brother-in-law to brunch among the privileged set. Brunch only, though. No golf. No tennis. No bridge. After she's chewed the last morsel, she's going to make like a cheerleader and split. For the movies.

Seychelles_private_eyeAnd she's going to wear Vogue American Designer 2456. By Ralph Lauren. The epitome of country club chic, no? She made it up in the spring: White linen shorts. Tan linen jacket. A lilac tee. And she'll lace up those nifty Seychelles Private Eye oxfords, too. She's going to channel Daisy Buchanan. Perhaps she'll meet her Nick.

The details: Vogue American Designer 2456 Shorts, Skirt and Jacket Designed by Ralph Lauren Bust 31½ - 34 Still in factory folds Copyright 1990 $33

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