Sewing is on the rise. The media says so. And you made it happen. July 14, 2012 11:14 1 Comment

It makes me one very happy woman when sewing floats into the mainstream. It does. So. May I share four newspaper articles with you about sewing's popularity?

The most recent article to herald the rise of our creative craft was that hallowed institution The New York Times with Dusting Off the Sewing Machine.

The Wall Street Journal eyed the increasing popularity of sewing in 2006 in "It's Hip to Hem." (Nice headline, copydesk!)

And, of course, because I'm ahead of the curve, I wrote articles on sewing way back in the day when I was a journalist: "Today's women can cut it — and sew it" and "Sew-sew seamstress finds few shortcuts." (I believe features copy editor Fred Kraus wrote both of those smart headlines." (I wrote these stories back in 1992. You can see I was right on this trend!)

So. Enjoy. I hope you'll follow the links and read every word of these articles. They are all wonderful — if I do say so myself. And I do.

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