She adores these jammies. They are so very Laura Petrie. July 26, 2012 05:19 2 Comments

And there she was, in a total fashion pickle. Not that she follows the trends, but she does like to be true to herself. To her own sense of style. 

Last night, she got a sleep test. She didn't read the instructions until a few hours before she was due at the clinic. (She excels at procrastination.) And there was that awful demand: Wear two-piece pajamas. Oh, joy. Joy. Her entire sleep wardrobe consisted of Hanro camisoles and bikinis. Now, she loves her Hanro. Expensive indeed. But it lasts for years. Decades, in fact. But it wouldn't do for a sleep study. She wouldn't want to make the sleep techs blush. 

So. She stopped by the local department store. Can you say disappointment? She can. She did. She bought a pair of jammies. But to say they were not special is an understatement of extreme magnitude: Drawstring waist. Puffy behind. Plain old button-front top. Dismal. Dull. However, she had no choice. She had the sleep test.

Smy_butler_sateenBut. Next time, she'll be prepared. She's making Advance 3033 this weekend. Cute. So Laura Petrie. And suitable for public consumption. She'll use that Amy Butler sateen that she purchased at Hancock's of Paducah. These PJs are going to be fetching. So very.

The details (because you're panting to know, right?): 

Advance 3033 Pajamas Bust 36 Still in factory folds Circa 1960s $33

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